I finished my last post telling you all how I had planned a nice relaxing weekend planned. Other than the essential jobs, I’d planned on doing very little. Well, my family and friends had other ideas. Over the last few months, they somehow managed to plan a surprise baby shower for me with such precision and secrecy that they could probably advise the government on covert operations.

I’d had a text from a friend in the week asking what I was doing Saturday, and as hubby was off on a jolly with the boys (not bad for some eh?), I thought she was planning on coffee/lunch or something. Still none the wiser, another text on Saturday morning asked me to be ready at 1400, wear something nice and put some make up on. Now, pre-pregnancy, this would have triggered a million suspicions but this time? Not a thing, nada. I swear my brain gets smaller as my bump gets bigger. Can someone please tell me that this will get better? Anyone?? So, 1400 comes and she pulls up outside the house in her car and we set off, a few minutes later stopping at a ‘charity bake sale’ before we went out for lunch. I walked into the room oblivious to everything, and there are a huge group of my friends and family. Not only had they managed to keep it a secret amongst my friends here, they’d also managed to get my immediate family, in-laws and friends from home. In shock, I turned around and hid at the door for a few seconds.

I think my first words were ‘You liars’… and then I was pretty much stunned into silence for the next hour. I’m never speechless, but hey there is a first time for everything. I was taking in everything around me, and it was about 10 minutes before I even spotted my dad. I was aware that there was someone filming my reaction but it didn’t click that it was my dad behind the phone. Probably because my dad and technology aren’t exactly the best of friends. Everything was planned meticulously, and I still can’t believe the effort they went to. There were pictures of me as a baby/child up on the walls (thankfully my parents were feeling kind and didn’t provide anything too embarrassing), they’d planned games, made sandwiches and cakes, brought presents… Literally everything.

I’ll admit, I’m not big on surprises. I like to surprise other people but when it comes to me, I like to know everything. But this was amazing, and I had the best afternoon (after I recovered from the shock). It was so touching knowing that so many people care about me and went out of their way to do something so special for me. Just for me. I just can’t believe how everyone managed to keep it secret. Turns out everyone was avoiding me in the week running up to the baby shower, but I was still working and had a few appointments, so I didn’t really notice. What a sneaky bunch!!

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